Environmental policy

We have a track record of commitment to the environment through training of our entire workforce as well as excellent routines for source separation, purchasing, etc. We set new environmental targets every year, which are reviewed on a quarterly basis.


We are affiliated to the Packaging and Newspaper Collection Service (FTI).


Work environment

A systematic approach to work environment underpins our operations, leading to happier employees and thereby happier customers.

We are constantly striving to identify improvements/risks in our operations and thereby minimise the risk of accidents.


Quality and our working model

FoBe Produktion has developed efficient procedures for all our processes, creating a solid platform from which to serve our customers. We commission external consultants to carry out internal audits, in order to gain a fresh perspective on our activities.


We also use the FMEA model in order to carry out professional failure analysis. We are fully trained in FMEA, enabling us to perform risk analyses for future or current production. This method makes it possible to identify potential failure modes, as well as associated causes and effects, for a design, system or manufacturing process.


In our day-to-day operations, we utilise Monitor's MPS system, Mastercam, Ativa document management system and Ativa Gauge, etc.








Vi är certifierade enligt SS EN ISO 9001:2015 och SS EN ISO 14001:2015.

FoBe Produktion AB / Forssåvägen 7 / 824 65 NÄSVIKEN / Telefon: 0650-30400 / Fax: 0650-30072 / Godsadress: Forsså Industriområde, 824 65 NÄSVIKEN